Frequently Asked Questions

Registering with the online Customer Center provides you access to view and pay your bills, print Auto ID cards, submit a claim, and view your policy documents.


Internet Explorer 7 and above, Firefox 3.6 and above, Chrome, and Safari.


To register, info needed: (1) policy number, (2) the mailing zip code associated with the policy, (3) Agency's name, and (4) an email account.


Located on policy Declarations page or near top left corner of Billing Statement


The policy could be a new submission which has not fully processed, or the policy/account could not be found in our systems.


The agent name or mailing zip may not match the policy. Confirm via a billing notification or Declarations page.


If entry is showing red, try a different name until it turns green. The minimum characters limit is 6; maximum is 20; and no special characters. You cannot use an email address as a Username.


The password must contain 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, 1 number, and be at least 7 characters long.


The zip code must match the insured's mailing address zip code on the policy Declaration page or on a bill.


Your privacy and security are of the utmost importance to us. In the event you need assistance to regain access to your account, we will ask you to answer your selected security questions before proceeding. This helps us ensure that you and only you have access to your online Customer Center account.


An email address is required for registration. Republic Group uses your email for important confirmation and password communications. Free email addresses are available from sites such as Google or Yahoo.


You need the pin number and email address that was used to set up the account. If you enter an email that is not on file you will receive an error. Three (3) invalid attempts will lock the account and you will need to wait 5 to 10 minutes before trying again.


The account was locked to prevent unauthorized access. Click the Forgot Username or Forgot Password links to receive an email with your Username or a new link to reset password. You can also wait 5-10 minutes & try again.


From the account's Home screen, click "Add Additional Policy to My List", enter the policy number, then confirm the mailing zip code and agency name.


Ensure all required fields are completed. You may want to maximize the screen (e.g. Full Screen mode) to assist visibility of the entry fields.


Customer Service: 800-662-4573; Office Hours: M-F 8:00AM-4:30PM Central Time;